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Okay, just woke up from another vivid dream and want to write it down. you know the drill, please excuse the grammar.

It's night along an abandoned road. Nothing pine trees for miles except for a single car. on the side of the road. It sits doors open. music pouring out--something romantic, Savage Garden--I think. in the woods there a two young men stumbling together. Shoving each other against the trees, playing find the tonsils while undressing each other. They're laughing and giggling. 

The light haired boy says "I can't believe we're doing this. Are you sure it's safe?" 

The dark haired one  stops biting blondie's neck to says "Of course there's nobody around. No one will find out. Now shush. You're wearing to many clothes." Darkie is already bare chested.

dream shift

Now they're both on the ground. Blondie laying on the ground completely naked with darkie in between knees--naked except for a cute pair of boxer-brief trunks.

bondie breaks the kiss to say "I dont know. I've never done this before."

"don't worry" pants darkie, "I'll go slow.

perspective shift. 

looking down at the couple tilting from side to side like something is watching them. there's a creepy chimey music and a slight fluttering of wings. they can't hear it. 

There's a snap of a twig and a rustle of leaves. "did you hear that ?" says blondie.

"It's just the wind" darkie says as he continues kissing path down the chest and abs.

he's about to take blondie's cock in his mouth  when the wind starts whipping viciously. The  two young men start shouting in pain a debris hits them.

"let's get out of here" darkie says standing up and pulling blondie to his feet.

they abandon their clothes and race through the woods toward the car holding hands. Blondie stumbles and falls. Darkie turns to help him, but blondie is yanked further away. Darkie lunges for him, but he's yanked away again. Then Blondie is suddenly pulled into the ground feet first and disappears. Darkie scrambles up and races the rest of the way to the car. He gets in and slams the door shut. As the car starts, driver's side window shatters. Darkie drives away into the night.

Dream shift

I'm driving down the road in a white '74 mustang. don't ask me why. it's early morning the sky is just fading from pink and the morning fog still lingers. I pass a faded town sign. It should say population 100 something but the last number is missing. I slow down as I head into town. It's a perfect example of rundown small town americana--just a few buildings, a greasy spoon diner and a gas station/ garage. As I near the garage, my car suddenly sputters and dies.

"ah, man!" I mutter to myself. I pop the hood and get out. After a few minutes of looking at the engine, I slam the hood down in disgust. "How could you do this to me, baby?" I ask the car.

I walk over the garage. Its still early, but I see movement inside, so I knock.

The door opens to reveal Daniel Radcliffe dressed in coveralls and smudged in grease.

( yes, I feel like a pedo, but its a dream so it doesn't matter)

Can I help you?" he asks in an american accent.

"Thank you" I say silently to my car.

"I'm sure you can." I say with a smile and plenty of innuendo. "My car broke down just over there. I can't afford your labor, but if you let me use your tools and space I'm sure I can make it worth your while,"

He agrees and we get the car into the shop. I strip down to my jeans and boots to work on the car. I'm flirting with him and trying very hard to resist the urge to just lean him up the car and fuck his brains out. He seems kinda sad. eventually I give in and start kissing him. 

He breaks it off and pushes away "I'm sorry. I have...had a boyfriend."

I ask him about the boyfriend and he tells me about the night in the woods. "They found him buried underground, They say he suffocated to death. They say it's just a hate crime, but I'm the town queer. Everybody knows about me and there's never been any trouble. They I'm just blocking things out, but I know something happened out there. Somthing that isn't right. Something that isn't normal."

I  tell him I believe him and I'll help him look into it once we get my car fixed. We finish by the afternoon and head out to the woods. We look around and I spot a pair of tightie-whiteies hanging in a tree. I point them out and say "You've some interesting foliage in these parts"

Dan blushes and give a small smile.

after that the dream gets vague all I really remember is getting chased through a steel mill with Dan after that. I think I might revisit this and turn it into a story.

I'm going back to bed, good night.

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