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Now let me start off by saying, I really dislike Captain Marvel. I always thought he was a cool character concept that was always handled poorly. I think it  is because deep down Cap. is a child and most adults do a poor job writing about children. Most of the time kids in writing and other media come out goofy and infantile, or as mini-adults, or ignored completely in favor of adult plots.

As a character Cap. has stagnated because, like peter pan, he has never grown up. His supporting cast Mary and Cap. Junior have been allowed to progress to teens, but Cap. hasn't. The closest we came to character growth was when Cap. was part of the JSA and started a relationship with Stargirl that was quickly squashed. I think writers are afraid that Cap. will lose what makes him unique. Okay enough ranting onto the review.

The mini was written by Judd Winick. Who I think is one of DC most talented writers. I highly recommend his run on Green Lantern (129-164) and Green Arrow (23-50) and Outsiders (1-25). He is the writer with the balls to actually admit to the sexual tension between Arsenal and Nightwing in the actual book!

The art was by Joshua Middleton and has a strong animation quality which is different at first, but comes across nicely as you get used to it.

Now First Thunder isn't your typical team up. It's set early in Cap's career and it's more of an explanation of Cap's place in the DCU. Overall the writing is strong and gives you a good sense of Billy Bastion and Captain Marvel really are.
There are a couple really good scenes in the book.

Overall, I think the book is good read, but at $12.99 for just four collected issues with nothing extra it might be a bit pricey for some. You might be better off tracking down the original issues. It might be cheaper.


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