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Location:Illinois, United States of America
Stranj100, began his life as a broken toaster in a junkyard where he was collected by a crazy homeless man. Back at the homeless man's cardboard box, located between Al's butcher shop and an adult bookstore, Yeah, you know the place, the man thinking he saw a face in the toaster fashioned it into a little boy. See, I told you he was crazy, what he saw was his reflection. Anywho, that night the fairie godfather came and brought Stranj100 to life. Shortly after that Stranj100 left the crazy homeless man and went to Hollywood to become real. But, as we all know nothing in Hollywood is real, so Stranj100 fit right in. And he lived somewhat contentedly ever after. And the moral of the story is smoking is bad for your health.

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aaron davis, aaron/christian, apollo/midnighter, arsenal/nightwing, avatar: the last airbender, batman, batman/superman, batslash, beast boy, beastboy, billy kaplan, billy/teddy, bobby drake, bruce wayne, bruce/clark, bucky barnes, burn notice, cable/deadpool, captain america/bucky barnes, clark kent, clark/bruce, colossus, colossus/northstar, comic books, conner kent, conner/tim, connor hawke, cyclops, dc comics, deadpool/cable, dean winchester, dick grayson, dinothunder, dinotopia, dustin/hunter, eureka, fanfics, fanfiction, fantastic four, garfield logan, gear/static, glbt, green lantern, hot fuzz, hulking, hulkling/wiccan, hunks workshop, hunter/dustin, ianto jones, iceman, iceman/northstar, iceman/pyro, jack harkness, jean-paul beaubier, jla, joe phillips, john allerdyce, johnny storm, justice league, justice league of america, kid flash, kurt wagner, kyle rayner, latter days, legion of super-heroes, legolas/aragorn, lord of the rings, lotr slash, m/m, marvel comics, midnighter/apollo, naruto, negima, nightcrawler, nightwing, nightwing/arsenal, ninjastorm, northstar, northstar/colossus, northstar/iceman, one hunderd years of solitude, outsiders, peter parker, piotr rasputin, power rangers, pyro, richie foley, richie/virgil, rictor/shatterstar, robin/speedy, robin/superboy, roy harper, rpg, sam winchester, scott summers, shatterstar/rictor, sherlock holmes, sky high, slash, slash fanfic, slash fanfiction, slash fiction, speedy, speedy/robin, spider-man, spider-man slash, spiderman, star wars, static shock, static/gear, superboy, superboy/robin, superhero fiction, superheroes, superman, superman/batman, supernatural, teddy altman, teddy/billy, teen titans, tenchi muyo, the dark is rising, the fantastic four, the green lantern, the human torch, the outsiders, tim drake, tim/conner, tim/kon, timeforce, torchwood, virgil hawkins, virgil/richie, virichie, warren peace, warren/will, wiccan/hulkling, will stronghold, winnie the pooh, world's finest, writing, x-men slash, x-men: evolution, xxxholic, young avengers, young avengers slash, young justice
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